Cantharellus sp

Cantharellus sp Location: Mirador La Ceiba Trail, El Sumidero, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico

Collection Date: 19-Aug-13

Project #: CSALVA-1

Comments: This dainty pastel pink species is similar to C. cinnabarinus of the eastern United States, but the shade of pink was pale even in this young, fresh fruitbody (unlike the redder American species). I was hoping test the hypothesis of conspecificity with a DNA sequence, but unfortunately DNA extraction failed repeatedly on this specimen. Since this species is not from CA and was included merely as ’padding‘, we will not include it in any future batches for this project, but we hope that other interested parties (perhaps Matt Foltz, one of Tom Volk's former students) will be able to tell us more when we send him the specimen.